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Our Latina Sisterhood: Forming a Strong Community with My Days

Hey Ladies!

It's Natzha Behan here, the heart and soul behind My Days. As I sit with a fresh cup of café, I'm filled with gratitude and memories of our shared stories. This journey with My Days has been more than just providing comfort through our unique pads; it’s been about weaving a tapestry of Latina sisterhood and unity.

I still vividly recall my first days as an immigrant in the US. The air felt different, the language was a challenge, and yes, even the pads were... well, not quite right. Like trying on someone else's shoes and hoping they'd fit. But just like many of you, I had to adapt. We Latinas are resilient like that. 💪

However, the sheer size of the pads here took me by surprise! It was like walking around with a cushion, and I knew there had to be others like me, yearning for that touch of familiarity from back home.

That's why I started My Days. Not just to bring a slice of home to the women here but to form a community around it. And oh, what a beautiful community it’s becoming!

Moving to a new country comes with its set of challenges. Trust me, I know. But there's one thing that makes it bearable – finding your tribe. Those who understand your journey, share your struggles, and celebrate your successes. As immigrants, having a close-knit community to lean on, laugh with, and learn from becomes our anchor.

Now, let’s talk about womanhood. We’ve all been through those days when we wish for a magic wand to make things easier. But what if I told you that the true magic lies in our collective strength? In the way we come together to support, uplift, and cheer for one another. When one sister struggles, we all rally around her. We share stories, experiences, and remedies passed down through generations, ensuring better women's health and emotional well-being.

For me, the essence of My Days lies in this very spirit of community. We're not just selling pads; we're offering a space for you to be heard, to connect, and to find your tribe. A space where your comfort matters, where we embrace our womanhood and champion our Latina roots. Where you're not just a customer, but a beloved member of our growing family.

Every single pad from My Days is crafted with love, with you in mind. From the perfect fit to the 100% organic cotton feel, we've thought of everything to make your periods a little more comfortable, a tad more bearable. But beyond that, we hope to provide a sense of belonging.

Being a part of the My Days community means celebrating our shared heritage and standing tall in our unique identities. It means exchanging stories, learning from each other, and forging bonds that go beyond borders.

So, whether you're a newcomer like I was or someone who's been here for years, remember that with My Days, you're never alone. We're in this together – through the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

Here’s to our beautiful Latina Sisterhood, our shared journey, and to making periods feel just a little bit more like home. 🌸

Com amor,

Natzha Behan


If you enjoyed this message, check out how My Days is helping Latinas across the United States feel more comfortable while on their period.

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